ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions launches revolutionary BIM mobile app

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions UK & Ireland has launched its new Openings Studio mobile app, which allows users to manage buildings as a holistic system.

The information stored in the application allows buildings to be designed, constructed and operated in a safe and efficient manner.

Openings Studio is a custom, cloud-based configuration tool for creating, viewing, editing, and managing door openings. The unique BIM application provides access to comprehensive door set information at all stages, from product design to product maintenance.

Not only does Openings Studio help builders, architects and specifiers develop, design and specify doors and hardware with live BIM connectivity, it also assists in the manufacturing and quality control of approved doors.

Installation process and on-site information is also captured, and products are tagged (with a QR code or RFID tag) for easy access to details and history, allowing for inspections comprehensive door-to-door fire and performance solutions. and recorded.

The Openings Studio mobile app is the latest evolution of this innovative software solution, providing a truly seamless link from design intent during the specification process to product in service.

Users can easily access information about each door through the app and enable a comprehensive and detailed inspection. Any recommended corrective work can be reported in the app, and users can also log details of any general maintenance or repairs carried out.

Paul Thompson, BIM Manager for ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions, explains: “The evolution of BIM technology has coincided with the tightening of building regulations within the industry, with the current emphasis on the ‘thread Golden “.

“Introduced as a tool to manage buildings as holistic systems and enable people to use the information to design, construct and operate buildings safely and efficiently, BIM is now an industry staple, with a current adoption rate of 71% The Openings Studio mobile app is one of the latest evolutions in digital construction tools.

“This simplifies collaboration with architects, builders and others so that changes to door openings are communicated clearly and on time, allowing the building owner to define exactly what components are needed before, during and after building construction. a building.

“Using Opens Studio from specification to product in service and beyond captures the ‘golden thread’ of door and hardware information, and ensures doors are compliant at all times. which is essential for the safety of people.”

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