Ascentis launches Flex Clock, a mobile app for workforce-driven organizations


Ascentis, a leading provider of comprehensive HR technologies focused on cutting-edge workforce management solutions, today announced Ascentis Flex Clock, a new ruggedized tablet time clock that provides focused organizations on the workforce a mobile hardware solution that makes it easy to track employee time wherever they are. Maybe. Unlike other app-based clocks, Flex Clock offers the employer full control and security and full Ascentis support. This is the latest addition to Ascentis’ peak weather collection hardware.

Building on Ascentis’ long-standing expertise in workforce management, Flex Clock offers one-on-one experience to organizations with employees performing non-stationary work and is robust, making it ideal for outdoor environments or harsh indoor industrial environments. Check-in and check-out, task shifting, and meal break tracking can all be done wherever employees are. Robust facial recognition with consent makes it easy to identify the right employees, ensuring employee hours are tracked correctly and payroll is accurate. The result is the ability to get the job done without getting in the way of time tracking.

“As workforce-driven organizations continue to focus on productivity, profitability, and compliance in an increasingly distributed work environment, the last thing they need is to worry about tracking. time, ”said Jeff Cronin, product manager, Ascentis. “Flex Clock is the latest example of Ascentis’ goal of providing the best workforce management solutions on the market for workforce-driven organizations.

Ascentis’ Flex Clock, together with its cutting-edge workforce management technology, gives businesses the ability to track time in a way that doesn’t disrupt current workplace operations. Unique features of Flex Clock include:

  • Facial recognition with consent (reduce parking meter fraud in offsite locations)
  • Mobility (As on the go as your staff; storage and transfer capabilities allow the device to operate even in areas without connectivity)
  • Roughness (works in outdoor and harsh indoor environments; water, dust and splash proof with IP68 rating)
  • Possibility to use several applications on the tablet
  • Mobile device management (secure deployment of business-related applications; remote management of devices)

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