Appcues tackles the growing problem of mobile app abandonment

BOSTON, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Appcues, a pioneer in user onboarding software for web applications, today announced the launch of Appcues Mobile, extending its seamless, integrated user engagement solution code to mobile apps for the first time.

The announcement comes at a critical time for mobile app business leaders. App abandonment is at an all-time high: the average mobile app now retains less than 5% of its new users after 30 days.

With countless apps competing for users’ attention, the most successful mobile app teams focus on proving and proving value, as quickly and easily as possible, every time a user opens its application. But for most businesses, that’s easier said than done.

This is where Appcues Mobile comes in.

“Over the past eight years, thousands of software companies have used Appcues to onboard new users, drive feature discovery, and increase user engagement in the app, all without writing code,” said said Jackson Noel, CEO of Appcues. “Extending to mobile has always been a goal. Today, it is a reality.”

With Appcues Mobile, anyone can quickly create, publish, and experience on-brand mobile experiences that improve user engagement and retention — no developer required. The no-code solution allows mobile development teams to focus on core product functionality while empowering non-technical teammates to act faster and take ownership of app adoption.

“Before, we needed a few days of development work for almost every release,” said Kelly Nibley, senior product manager, mobile apps at Pitchbook. “The opportunity to transfer ownership to the product and design team is huge and will allow us to more effectively deliver new features and benefits to our customers.”

Appcues Mobile currently supports Android, iOS, React Native, and Android platforms, and all SDKs have been open sourced for transparency. Next up for Appcues’ seasoned mobile development team: additional framework support and in-app engagement models.

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Since 2014, Appcues has empowered product managers and non-technical marketers to deliver personalized on-brand user experiences and impact key business metrics in hours, all with the support and resources appcues expert level behind them. Thousands of SaaS companies around the world have increased activation and adoption, improved retention and promotion, and optimized trial conversions and upsells with Appcues’ Product Experience Platform . Appcues is backed by Sierra Ventures, NewSpring Capital and Complice. To learn more and start your free trial, visit

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