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PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 6, 2022–

airship today published its Mobile Application Experience Gap Investigation Report, which sheds light on the key internal challenges businesses of all sizes face when deploying and improving the mobile app experience for their customers. Findings show that enterprise application teams of 1,000 or more employees perform less well at optimizing customer experiences across the application lifecycle due to internal processes and priorities.

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Although virtually all marketers and mobile product owners depend on developers to improve the user experience of apps, they see their requests for app improvements happen faster than those who implement them. Nowhere is marketer optimism more visible than in enterprise, where nearly twice as many marketers as developers say demands were implemented immediately. Developers were twice as likely as marketers to say these requests took a month or several months. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The survey results show that the Mobile Application Experience (MAX) – as a concept and a set of best practices – is still a frontier. Many companies are struggling to marshal resources and apply agile methods to drive greater value from mobile apps, while others are seeing 3.5x more revenue and 3x more purchase frequency to customers using the application. The survey identified gaps between technical (developers) and non-technical (marketing) teams in their level of maturity in optimizing mobile app experiences across seven key operational areas:

  1. App Store Optimization
  2. Release rate
  3. App integration
  4. Preference Centers
  5. Customer surveys
  6. Optimization of the experience
  7. team communication

Large companies have the most room for improvement

Developers and marketers from companies with more than 1,000 employees cited the greatest room for improvement in App Store Optimization (ASO). A decade of organic and paid app store search data shows that even the most well-known brand can drive up to 50% of its organic traffic by optimizing for non-branded keywords. Overall, 89% of developers cited “good” or “excellent” capabilities, either monitoring app store visibility and conversion rates “regularly” or “daily.” Similarly, two-thirds of marketers conduct ASO experiences monthly, with 27% doing so weekly. However, 20% of enterprise developers admitted they could do better, and 41% of enterprise marketers experiment quarterly or less often – much higher percentages than in small businesses.

Once an app is downloaded, marketers and mobile product owners are under increasing pressure to nurture new relationships, especially as paid user acquisition campaigns become less targeted. While most developers say it takes “several weeks” to build and deploy a preference center (53%) or multi-screen feature tutorial or activation flow (52%), a third of developers companies estimate “one month” or “several months” or admitted that they did not have these experiences.

Once mobile app experiences are deployed, there is a significant gap between app evaluation and app improvement. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents evaluate and adapt multi-screen feature tutorials and activation flows at least once a month. However, more than a third of companies improve these critical onboarding experiences only quarterly or less often, rising to nearly half of companies. Similarly, nearly a quarter of marketers and enterprise developers weren’t sure when their app’s preference center was last updated or said it was 1-2 years ago or more.

The good news: More than a decade of apps have improved relationships across diverse teams

For apps to be successful, a customer must find it, download it, value it enough to continue using it, and ultimately identify themselves. It takes a village spanning technical and non-technical roles to make that happen. The roles speak different languages, while depending on each other to bridge the gaps between poor mobile application performance and excellence.

Half of developers (51%) said they work very well with marketing and mobile product owners, and 37% of developers said marketers are “decent partners.” Marketers were even more positive about relationships with developers: 62% said they worked very well together and 29% said they were decent partners. Overall, only 12% of developers and 9% of marketers described their relationships as “contentious discussions”, although this was much more biased at smaller and larger companies. Not a single respondent chose the two most negative characterizations – “difficult” and “uncooperative”.

Trust from marketers belies near-total reliance on developers

With nearly three-quarters of marketers and mobile product owners reflecting on app improvements every week, and 48 out of 50 relying on developer resources to make improvements, it’s a wonder developers focus on job #1: major new features. and QA testing. Twice as many marketers as business developers and mid-market companies believe their requests for improved onboarding, adoption, acceptance and data collection are being addressed” immediately, with the next app update”. In contrast, twice as many enterprise developers and midsize companies say these requests take “one month” or “several months.”

“Today’s customers need to be served personally and at their specific times, which almost by definition happens more in mobile apps than anywhere else,” said Brett Caine, CEO and President of Airship. “The business value of app-centric experiences is evident, as you see it reinforced every quarter in earnings reports. Yet, despite these groundbreaking results, many companies are struggling to maximize value. Teams and Capabilities apps remain siloed, stuck in limbo in the web age of dependency and promotional approaches that fail to meet new customer experience expectations. At Airship, we aim to change all of that with seamless methods. code that enable the entire team to easily build, automate, and scale native app experiences on the fly to capture and sustain more value.

Download full Mobile Application Experience Gap Investigation Report.

On September 28 in New York and October 13 in London, Airship will host “Elevate22: Mastering MAX”, a live, in-person event featuring some of the world’s most valuable brands. Register to hear first-hand how great brands are creating exponential value for customers and their businesses.


The survey was conducted by Sapio Research among 100 app developers and 102 app marketers and product owners involved in or responsible for mobile apps for enterprise customers with annual revenue exceeding $2 millions of dollars. Respondents were limited to English-speaking countries – UK, US, Australia, Canada, India and Singapore – to ensure questions were understood.

About the airship

No one knows more, does more, or cares more than Airship when it comes to helping brands master the mobile app experience (MAX).

From the inception of apps, Airship powered early commercial messaging, then extended its data-driven approach to all channels of re-engagement (mobile wallet, SMS, email), app UX experimentation, product creation, and more. code-free native app experiences and app store optimization. (ASO). Having powered billions of mobile app interactions for thousands of global brands, Airship’s technology and deep industry expertise have enabled apps to become the digital center of customer experience, from loyalty to brand and monetization.

With the Airship App Experience platform and Gummicube’s ASO technology and expertise, brands now have a comprehensive set of solutions to optimize the entire mobile app customer journey – from point of discovery to loyalty – creating greater value for everyone involved.

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