Adyton’s mobile software to transform National Guard operations

DALLAS, August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adyton, a veteran-owned, venture capital-backed American Public Benefit Corporation that develops world-class secure mobile software for people who serve, today announces its selection by ARCWERX – the Air National Guard Innovation Unit – as a business partner of the “21st Century Drill” initiative.

For hours every day, National Guard leaders toil with text chats, phone trees, and a patchwork of clunky communication and collaboration tools, just to get visibility into personnel status, availability, qualifications and his preparation for the mission. The distributed nature of Guard operations and the large part-time workforce make it far too easy for Guard members to disconnect and disengage, and for leaders of having to resort to incorrect and outdated data with which to inform Actions.

This partnership catalyzes leaders across the Guard to collaboratively do something to make an impact amidst these operational realities. To kick off the effort, ARCWERX funded one-year Adyton Mustr licenses for Air National Guard wings in Nevada, New Yorkand Arkansas. This allows these guard organizations to not only implement Mustr for rapid impact and measure success, but also to share best practices across states and accelerate the value potential for additional guard units.

Mustr is a secure mobile, web, and SMS software that quickly and easily manages distributed workforces, delivers targeted critical information, automates data collection and reporting, and empowers executives with visibility. real-time operations for better and faster decisions.

Mustr’s flexible deployment model was designed for the high-stakes military environment, can be used in organizations of all sizes, and generates a new enterprise data asset to power current and future analytics systems.

Putting Mustr to work in this 21st century exercise effort will generate gains in readiness and operational efficiencies, and positively impact safety and retention.

“Mustr allows us to disseminate critical information, but also to retrieve information and populate a database,” says Colonel Evan Kirkwood, Commander of the 152nd Operations Group, Nevada Air National Guard. “Not only does this help commanders and senior managers keep track, but they can also relay information to the part-time force, so they can stay up to date with information and connected to their command. This element of inclusion will improve retention across the guard.”

“ARCWERX is excited about Mustr’s potential to help solve a long-standing issue of communication gaps between our members and our units,” says Bobby Carbonelle, from ARCWERX. “The pilot program underway this year will produce tangible results that can be used to further develop the platform and determine opportunities for wider deployment of this technology.”

“The National Guard was an incredible early adopter of Mustr,” says Jeff Proseck, responsible for the growth of Adyton. “All military organizations have the structured data accountability and visibility needs that Mustr addresses, but Guard units (and reserves) really have a particular urgency for this kind of capability. Continuing to prove impact for the staff and leadership, in this 21st Century Drill’s collaborative manner is truly exciting. We look forward to working with the NY, NV, and AR teams, and continuing to integrate other units from other states into this effort in the weeks and months to come.

About Adyton

ADYTON is an American public benefit corporation founded in 2018 by special operations veterans dedicated to building world-class mobile software for people who serve. Adyton launched its flagship application, Mustr, in October 2021. It now extends to all defense organizations for operational impact. follow us on instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date with company news.

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